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Complete Aftermarket Analysis

 Think of this as a "second opinion" for your F&I department.


It's always a good idea to periodically make sure that you're still headed in the right direction. Perhaps you just want a second opinion to ensure that your program is as good as you believe it is. Or maybe you just want to know what you are really paying for your F&I products. Regardless of your reason, we can help.

We will review your existing aftermarket program and, if desired,  recommend a plan of action to help you accomplish your long term goals.

The analysis often includes:
  * Contract, Dealer Agreement and Treaty Analysis
  * Cession Analysis
  * Fee and Commission Analysis


Aftermarket Product Review

In order to maximize profit potential in F&I, the products you choose to sell in the dealership must be in sync with your long term "philosophy". Bad products will invariably lead to bad underwriting results in your F&I program.

We will review your aftermarket products to determine whether they are an appropriate fit for your desired goals.

The review includes:
  * Contract analysis
  * Reserve methodology review
  * Earning pattern analysis
  * Expected versus actual loss assessment


Development and Training

In order to ensure maximum profitability for the dealership’s aftermarket program the tail cannot wag the dog. That is to say that F&I products, processes and training all should support the dealer’s long term objectives, not the other way around. The entire F&I process, from products to pay plans to training programs must work together to guarantee that the long term goals are met or exceeded.

In-dealership development includes:
* Monthly production reconciliation and reporting
* F&I training (both personalized and in a formal classroom setting
* Professional staff and individual development  plans
* Monthly deal audits


Compliance/Regulatory Review

It’s been said that in business it’s not what you make but rather what you get to keep that’s important. Nowhere is that idea truer than in the F&I department. With all of the local, state and federal regulations governing F&I conduct it is imperative that dealerships today have a source for up to date information concerning these rules. A bad process, poor training or an unscrupulous employee can cost a store plenty- both financial and in public opinion. We can help by providing guidance and training that has been reviewed and approved by leading industry legal experts.


We have available:
* Site compliance review
* Red Flag program review and training
* Safeguarding program review and training
* Laws and regulations training


Reinsurance Formation
Ongoing Program Management

As with any financial decision the proper investment vehicle can determine the long term success of your enterprise. If you wish to examine reinsurance we can make recommendations as to company types, formation options, fees and costs.


Once your aftermarket program is up and running smoothly we can provide specialized service and management expertise to maximize success.


Additional services may include:
* Regular program reviews
* Monthly cession and production reconciliation
* Regular reserve analysis
* Loss experience projections
* Production to loss experience management
* Program strategic planning
* Ongoing consulting services as needed


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