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What We Do

How We Are Different

In the car business, the saying "Your pay plan is your job description” has been around forever.

Most F&I vendors are "One Trick Ponies"- that is to say, they have one product to sell. An employee of an insurance company only sells that company's products or programs. An independent agent may sell a variety of products, but usually promotes the products that will make him or her most money.

In both scenarios, these individuals are working their pay plan. Neither actually works for the dealer.

We are not affiliated with any insurance company or administrator, thus are not tied to one program. Our only job is to help the dealer ensure that he/she is maximizing his/her F&I profit potential, regardless of what F&I products the dealership  sells.


What That Difference Means To Our Clients

Our clients understand that we align our interests with theirs. Because we don't work represent an insurance company, administrator or other product vendor we can objectively look at all products and programs sold in the dealership with an eye towards the dealer's long-term objectives. Our only job is to protect the dealer's interest. That's why we are often referred to as The Dealer Advocates!


We currently represent dealers from all over the country, from single point "Mom and Pop" stores to multi-state mega-dealers with locations in several states. Chances are good that you know some of our clients.


Our Unconventional Approach to the Car Business

We believe that focusing solely on what F&I products are sold in the dealership is shortsighted. After all, F&I products are a means to an end. Likewise, we don't promise that we will raise a dealership's F&I income per retail unit with magical training and secret techniques known to a rare few. Rather we focus on what the dealership wants to achieve from F&I sales, then find products and programs that best meets the dealer's requirements. In our world we start with the end in mind. Products, training and development always support the bigger picture. That way the tail never wags the dog.

You see, we believe that the dealer deserves to know exactly what he/she is paying for their F&I products and programs. We further believe that F&I vendors should practice what they preach when dealing with their dealer clients- full disclosure to the dealer of all terms, conditions and costs associated with their products.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies, administrators or agents are less than willing to share that information. they hide behind "We'll raise your income  so much per car" or sneak in unreasonable terms and conditions into contracts so a dealer can never tell what the real cost of their products is. That's where we come in: We can help cut through the smokescreens and help get to the bottom line.


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